The CitruSolution Process

The CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Process has three steps. Each step provides for the best possible outcome for your installed carpeting.



The First Step is to Pre-Spray the carpet with a light mist (slightly damp) of CitruSolution. Misting your carpet does not saturate, thus allowing it to dry quickly. We use a Backpack Sprayer to accomplish this, no truck-mounts, no hoses!



The Buffer has two roles.

First, it reaches deep in your carpet and pulls out all the Pet Hair, Dust, and Dirt that collects over time. This material is collected in the brush and bonnet and the excess is tossed out on top of the carpet for the vacuum to collect.

Second, it thoroughly works through your carpet to activate the CitruSolution (previously misted on your carpet) to work on stains and brighten colors.


Carpet is then vacuumed to completely remove all material pulled up by the buffer.

The last step is to breathe easy! You're left with clean carpets and a nice fresh, clean citrus scent.

How Do I Prepare For A Cleaning?   Please pick up the area the best you can. I can help if you decide to move a couch or stuffed chair. I work around Heavy Furniture, Bed Frames and Entertainment Centers. Vacuuming is not necessary unless there's alot of debris or dust (ex. Drywall Dust from Construction)